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Divorce Does Not Have To Be Expensive

Divorces do not have to be resolved through courtroom battles. They do not have to drag on for years. More importantly, they do not have to cost thousands of dollars.

At Turner & O’Connell, Attorneys at Law, our attorneys can provide low-cost divorce services for people in Harrisburg, Newport and the surrounding parts of Pennsylvania. With our firm, an uncontested divorce agreement can be accomplished for one low, fixed price. Additionally, when there are disputed issues to decide, our lawyers can provide experienced legal counsel tailored to each client’s case – whether that means negotiating a fair resolution or bringing the case to court.

What Is A No-Fault Divorce?

Most divorces filed in Pennsylvania are filed through the no-fault divorce process. This means that both parties consent to getting a divorce due to irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. However, just because parties agree to the divorce does not mean they agree on how the major decisions should be made.

From our offices in Newport and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, our no-fault divorce attorneys guide clients through the legal process of determining how all of the issues related to divorce will be resolved, such as:

Our lawyers work one-on-one with clients so that we can truly understand the unique circumstances within the family and the goals of each client. We use this information in a collaborative effort with clients to help them determine the most effective strategy for them, whether that means pursuing an amicable resolution or presenting the case before a judge.

Already Have an Agreement? Finalizing the Divorce Process Is Simple.

If you and your spouse have already reached agreements in all aspects of your divorce, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars to have your divorce finalized.

In fact, if you and your spouse have already agreed on how all decisions will be made, you do not even need to pay us a visit. Everything can be accomplished over the telephone and through the mail.

We have handled many no-fault divorces since our law firm’s establishment in 1984. You can be confident that our lawyers have the ability to make the process as stress-free as possible for you.

Free Consultation – Let Us Handle Your Divorce for Less

Our firm offers extensive experience handling both simple and complex divorces. To schedule a free consultation about filing for divorce in Pennsylvania, contact an experienced Dauphin County divorce lawyer at our firm by calling us at 717-232-4551 or sending us an email.