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5 Benefits of divorce mediation

| Nov 18, 2019 | Divorce |

Even in an uncontested divorce, there are often problems that need addressing. When you want to resolve your issues in a way that will allow you and your family to move forward as best as possible, mediation might be a worthwhile option for you and your ex. Here are just five benefits you can reap from the mediation process.


1. Cost-effective

Divorce can be expensive. On average, divorce costs $15,000 per person. This number comes from court costs, attorney fees and expert appraisals or counsel. Mediation generally costs a fraction of a contested court divorce. It’s a cheaper alternative that won’t break the bank.

2. Confidential

When divorce is taken to court, the proceedings are available to the public. Mediation, on the other hand, is conducted in a private setting. The details of a mediation session are confidential, so you know your and your family’s information will stay protected.

3. Faster process

When you and your ex work together to solve your problems and come to a resolution, it can save you both a lot of time. Court proceedings can take months to hammer out conflicts, deal with emotions, and find ways to communicate effectively. Some mediation issues can be resolved in a few sessions, while others might only take a single session.

4. Customized agreements

The whole purpose of mediation is for you and your ex to sit down and come up with creative and flexible resolutions that you both can agree on. Through mediation, you can find agreements that benefit both parties, rather than having to accept ones that leave you unhappy.

5. Predictable outcome

In court litigation, a judge usually makes decisions based on their third-party perspective. In these types of cases, sometimes decisions can shock, upset or frustrate one or both parties. In mediation, there is no shock-factor. You and your ex both know exactly how you’d like to resolve your issues. Because you are the ones coming up with these solutions, the outcome won’t take you by surprise.

Divorce mediation as a method of resolving conflict can help save you the time, money and stress usually involved in court proceedings. With an open mind and a willing attitude, mediation can help you and your ex come to a realistic solution that can benefit your family.