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Our lawyers solve difficult legal problems concerning bankruptcy, divorce, obtaining disability benefits, real estate and estate planning.

We Offer Creative Debt Relief Solutions

For some people, a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an excellent means of obtaining debt relief and a fresh financial start. Others though, may be able to obtain significant debt relief without resorting to bankruptcy. Before you decide on any course of action, you should talk with an attorney to learn about your options.

At Turner & O’Connell, Attorneys at Law, we help people get debt relief through bankruptcy filings and non-bankruptcy solutions. We will develop a customized solution for you, designed to obtain as much debt relief as possible while protecting your rights and interests.

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Creditor Settlement Attorneys In Dauphin County

Our firm has many debt relief options, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, as well as non-bankruptcy solutions such as loan modifications and the negotiation of creditor settlements outside of bankruptcy.

While we would argue that a bankruptcy filing is the optimal course of action for most people, there are situations where an alternative is preferable. For example, a small business owner may be concerned that filing bankruptcy could damage the reputation of the business or shut off vital trade credit. When we are advising you, we will examine your situation, consider all options and develop the best solution for you.

Beware Of Debt Consolidation Agencies

Many companies promise to provide debt relief without bankruptcy. These debt consolidation agencies negotiate with one or more creditors to obtain a reduction in the amount of debt, lower interest rates or both. But you should be aware that a creditor who reaches such an agreement with a debt consolidator is under no obligation to honor that agreement. And another creditor not party to the agreement could seek a judgment against you. Either way, you will be left up the proverbial creek without a paddle. Only an attorney can protect your rights and interests to the fullest degree.

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